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Problems We Treat in Atcaring Therapeutic Massage

Symptoms include discomfort and pain in any area of your muscles, swelling, tenderness, redness, inflammation, tension, numbness and decrease of range of motion. A therapeutic massage can help to reduce, inflammation, and improves flexibility and circulation; reduces tightness in muscles and nerves compression.

Arm and Shoulder Pain

when there is too much tension in the shoulder girdle it causes the muscles to be sore, and it decreases the range of motion in the arm due to the shortness of these muscles. A muscle tear in one of these muscles causes too much pain when trying to lift an object or when trying to lift your arm above the neck.

Pain in the Arm can be caused by an obstructed nerve or too much tension in the muscles making them inflamed.

Elbow Pain

Athletes that use their arms a lot can start to have elbow pain, due to the stressed accumulated in the muscles and articulations. This problem is more common on weightlifters for the reason that they tend to put a lot of strength and pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and articulations of the elbow. Using the proper technique with massage can help release inflammation and pain from the elbow.

Hand, fingers and Wrist Pain/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain in these areas can be related to carpal tunnel syndrome, the carpal tunnel syndrome is the obstruction of the meridian nerve in the wrist. This can cause a chronic pain in the wrist and hand, numbness and tingling, it also decreases strength from the hand grip, and it irritates the nerve when using the keyboard, or bending and extending the wrist. Massaging the area reduces the inflammation of the nerve and it helps to release the tension that it's making it irritated.

Headache/ Stress

Tension Headaches and migraine is caused by tension in the muscles of the neck and head.

Symptoms are; an intense and constant pain in the head, the head feels always heavy, the person is more sensitive to noise and light, the person feels too much anxiety and fatigue, there are sleeping problems and is very easy to feel angry or upset during the day. A therapeutic massage can relieve stress and tension that's causing this health problem.

Half- Face Pain/ Facial Paralysis

Symptoms include pain and inflammation in the half of the face's muscles and nerves; numbness; loss of sensitivity in one cheek; the sensation of tingling in the one eye or one part of the face; stressed muscles; loss of control in blinking and tearing; When you smile or speak, you do it with only one side of your mouth and can't close one eye or a part of the lips. This is because the passage of the 7th cranial nerve is obstructed and does not send the signals to the facial muscles The tension and inflammation of the muscles in the half of the face can pull the nerves to one side and causing a facial paralysis. A therapeutic massage can help you to avoid this issue, and if you have it already, a therapeutic massage can help you to recover faster.

Neck pain/ Torticollis

Symptoms include pain in the neck- especially when you try to move your head from one side to the other side; you may have a limited range of head motion; or just feel pain in all the neck, upper back pain, and shoulder pain; muscle tightness; neck cramps; and burning sensations. All of these is because of neck muscle spasms, swelling, and stiffness. A therapeutic massage can effectively help you to release tension, relax and it helps the person to move the neck without pain.

Back Pain/ Lower Back Pain

Symptoms of lower back pain include; pain when bending down; when trying to lift an object from the floor; when sitting for short periods and when standing for long periods. If the person does not treat this issue, the pain will become more strong to the point where it will make the person feel that the waist is going to break apart. A therapeutic massage can help decrease inflammation from the nerves that are making the pain more acute, and it releases tension and spasms from the muscles that are causing pain in the lumbar area. 

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Symptoms: an acute pain in one glute, numbness and loss of strength in the leg, pain in the hip and leg, tiredness in the side that's affected, a decrease of range of motion in the leg, and pain in the lower back. Massage helps release the nerve where is being compressed, normally in between the piriformis muscles and the gluteus minimus. This can make a big change in the affected area decreasing pain and inflammation, and a much better recovery.

Uterus and Ovaries Pain

Symptoms include cramping pain in your lower abdomen, pain and the feeling of pickets on one side of your lower abdomen, pain during intimacy, inflammation in your lower abdomen, and sometimes you pee easily when you lift heavy things or even when you laugh. A therapeutic massage can help you to decrease your lower abdomen pain, even it helps your uterus to be healthy prepare to get pregnant.

Half-Body Pain/ Paralysis- Hemiparesis

Symptoms include inability and weakness, pain, discomfort, inflammation, loss of balance, muscle fatigue, lack of coordination, limited movement precision on one side of your body including your face, arm, chest, and leg. A therapeutic massage can helps you to improve this issue.

Knee Pain Inflammation

Symptoms include inflammation conditions in the knee, pain in the knee redness, sometimes knee swelling, limited function and flexibility as a result of injury, or irritation and inflammation of tendons. A therapeutic massage can help you to improve this issue in your knee.

Ankle Pain Inflammation

Symptoms include pain, inflammation, redness, swelling, numbness, stiffness, and limitation and discomfort of ankle motion- it can be a result of an injury or ankle sprains or tendinitis issues. A therapeutic massage can helps you to decrease this issue.

Inflammation in Nerves

Symptoms include inflammation of nerves, weakness, pain, burning, numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, needle and pins sensation. A therapeutic massage can help you to treat this issue.

Bad Circulation, Varicose Vein

Symptoms include inflammation, muscle tightness, the appearance of varicose veins, fatigue, vertigo, swelling, tingling or loss of sensation. A therapeutic massage can improve blood flow; reduce inflammation and muscle tightness; reduce the varicose veins; reduce fatigue by improving circulation in all your body.


Hyperlordosis is when the inward curve of your spine looks arched, and symptoms include lower back pain, restricted movements, neck pain. A therapeutic massage can help you to improve this issue.


Hyperkyphosis is an increasing curve in your spine with a hump appearance. Symptoms include back pain, fatigue, lack of movements, the feeling in the spine of stiffness, tenderness and tight muscles, chest pain, and poor posture. A therapeutic massage can help you to improve this issue.

Post- Pregnant Massage

A Post- Pregnant therapeutic massage is very important because it helps you to recover after getting birth your baby by improving circulation in ll your body, back pain, headaches, uterus and ovary pain, decreasing tight and inflammation in muscles and nerves.

Inflammatory Conditions

A therapeutic massage can reduce inflammatory conditions in your body which causes a painful discomfort in your body's muscles and nerves.

Sports Injury Massage

If you are a passionate person who loves deports, you may know about sports injuries experiences. A therapeutic massage can helps you to improve pains in your body caused by sports injuries. Symptoms include muscles pain, fatigue, lack of movements, inflammation, redness, bruises, swelling, and strain muscles.

Strain Injury

Strain injury is a tearing or stretching force of a muscle or torn muscle and tendon causing a soft tissue injury. Symptoms include pain, inflammation, tenderness, numbness, stiffness, bruising, redness because of the injury, weakness,  inability to use the muscle or lack of movement. A therapeutic massage can effectively help you to treat this issue.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an illness of the central nervous system. Symptoms include pain, spasms, inflammation, fatigue, weakness, vertigo, tingling, vision problems, and mobility issues. A therapeutic massage can help you to treat this issue by improving the flow of blood and oxygen in your body which will helps the health of your nervous system.

Muscle Strain/ Tearing

Symptoms include pain, weakness of the tendons and muscles redness, bruising, swelling and inability of muscles because of an injury, A therapeutic massage can help you to treat this issue.

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